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  Active Isolated Stretching
My Newest Specialty in Pain Management

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Active Isolate Stretching is one of the most effective modalities of massage and body work. With AIS scar tissue is broken up, the muscle is lengthened, muscle memory is restored, and circulation of blood and lymph increases oxygen while removing toxins. Relief from pain and tension occurs while healing starts immediately.
People become stiff and sore for many reasons. The main reason is due to the fact that the muscles tighten up and become short. Repetitive use, stress, excessive exercise, poor posture, truma or injuries are just a few causes. Our heart pumps the blood but it is the muscles' job to help move the fluid through the body.
When a muscle becomes short and tight, circulation to the area becomes restricted. The key to its effectiveness is in holding the stretch for only 2 seconds. When a stretch is held longer than two seconds, the muscle contracts to protect it's self from tearing. This also reduces circulation creating ischemia (poor blood circulation), lactic acid build up and damage to the muscle.
What are the top benefits to AIS stretching?

• Promotes muscle and tendon growth by increasing nutrition and oxygenation to the tissues
• Helps eliminate metabolic waste from cells by stimulating and pumping the lymphatic drainage system
• Increase muscle health and elasticity so you burn more body fat and become symmetrical
• Breaks down fascial gluing between the muscles
• Breaks down fibrotic scar tissue adhesions and reduces inflammation
• Realigns collagen fiber matrix in muscle and fasica, the building blocks of soft tissue
• Reduce muscle spasm and functional tightness
• Reduces the risk of muscle strains and tearing
• Increases recovery and regeneration between workouts so you can train longer and more frequently while reducing the risk of overtraining
• Increases peak preformance and response time for movement, prolonging your athletic career

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